Thursday, April 16, 2009

Choosing your veil

So you got the dress (yay!) and now you need to accessorize! Here is a list of the different lengths of veils so you can be more knowledgeable when choosing the one that's right for you........ but don't forget to take in account the style of your dress!
Blusher- this is the veil that covers the face when you walk down the aisle. It starts at 20" in length and is never worn by itself. The blusher can be worn during the entire ceremony and is pulled back for the first kiss as husband and wife or it can be pulled back over the bride's face before she is given away by father at the beginning of the ceremony
Flyaway or Shoulder- This is the shortest veil, most often 20" long. It is usually not done by itself (single layer)but rather in addition to another veil of a different length to add volume.
Elbow- Comes below the shoulder normally hits right at the elbow. Usually at about 28" long. It is generally used for gowns without a train and gowns that have a full skirt
Fingertip- Comes to the fingertips, Usually 36" long. This veil can be worn with any full length gown but is not recommended for gowns with a train
Ballet- This veil is normally about 56" long and comes somewhere between your knees and your calves. Some Bridal salons will call this veil "waltz" or "knee"
Chapel- Comes anywhere from your ankles to brushing the floor about 108" long. Most often combined with another veil of a different length.
Cathedral- This veil is most often used when in a church that has a long aisle as it makes a statement when you walk. This veil is worn normally for formal weddings as it will extend onto the floor at least six inches past the train of your dress. It starts at 120" long.

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