Monday, July 25, 2011

Wedding Envelope Addressing

  • Choosing the right invitations is a big deal. You want your wedding invitation to be the first glimpse into your wedding style. Set your guests up to know what they will expect at your wedding. But the first look doesn't just start at the style of your invite it also starts right on the front of the envelope! Addressing your invitations correctly is just as important. Most brides today don't know how to address envelopes, I'm guessing its because we grew up in a society that uses the telephone or computer more than snail mailing our friends.

    Here is a few tips on how to address those envelopes with proper wedding etiquette:

  • Always put the persons full name on the envelope. It is important to find out the
    guests first name before sending out your envelopes. Don't know? Ask your family and friends to help you retrieve this info! Never use nicknames unless you are having a casual backyard wedding.
  • Address married couples with a Mr. and Mrs. followed by the husbands first and last name. Ex: Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Smith
  • Address unmarried guests with the proper tittles such as "Mr", Ms" and "Miss"
    Never put "and Guest" on the outer envelope. You can place that on the inner envelope. Not having an inner envelope, then politely ask your guests whom they will be bringing and place their name on the outside envelope.
  • Children over the age of 16 should receive their own invitation.
  • When addressing to an unmarried couple place the names on top of each other in alphabetical order according to the last name. Ex :
    Mr. James Bond
    Miss Sarah Smith