Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Almost all of our brides seem to ask the same question when it comes to their wedding day..."who should I tip and how much?" This may seem like a silly question but most people are unaware on the standards of tipping in the wedding industry. Although tipping anyone is a special thank you for a job well done, not all vendors expect one.

Here is a list of the particular people that you should tip on the day of your wedding. Just remember that you are not obligated to tip anyone, but these are the people to tip if you feel generous and extra thankful for their services!

Hairstylist/Makeup artist:
Just like in the salon, these vendors are expecting a tip. Common standards are between 15-20% and should be done after services rendered.

Wedding Officiant:
Most of the time if you are being married in your church or temple, a donation is expected. If this is the case you do not have to fork over any more money than what has already been expected of you when you booked your date. However, if you marry outside of your church or temple where your officiant is asked to travel to your wedding destination, a tip would be expected. Proper tip would be between $50-$100. If you are hiring an officiant that is not affiliated with any institution you do not have to tip as they may have already accounted for one in their fee.

Drivers are expecting a tip, but be aware that it may be included already in your contract. 15%-20% of the bill should be divided up to each driver. (if you are having more than one limo or bus)

Ceremony Musicians:
A tip between $15-$20 per musician is the standard rate. Please note that some musicians may have already included this gratuity in their contract.

Reception staff/ Maitre d':
Most venues will include this gratuity in your contract, but if they do not you should expect to tip 15-20% of your bill. This usually breaks down to about $25 a server/bartender and $75-$150 to the Maitre d'

Band or DJ:
Again, Gratuity may already be included in your contract. These vendors do not expect a tip but if your entertainment kept you and your guests out on the dance floor all night singing and dancing your hearts out then you should consider tipping them. $20-$25 per musician in the band or $50-$150 per DJ

You are not expected to tip these vendors, however if you hired a large company and the person working your wedding is not the owner you may tip them if you appreciated their services. Standard is $50-$200 per person.

Most florist do not expect a tip but if you are having an extensive setup you may want to tip the delivery/setup person. $5-$20 a person.

Setup Crew:
If you are having a company setup any materials for your wedding (i.e tents, tables and chairs) you should tip these crews between $5-$20 per person.
*Same goes for your lighting and sound companies.

Last But not least your Wedding Planner:
We do not expect a tip from you, however if you would like to show your gratitude we always appreciate your recommendations to other couples!

*These amounts are what we tell our couples. These are here only as guidelines and what we have fpund vendors are looking for*

Thursday, February 4, 2010

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