Monday, December 6, 2010

First Impression of your wedding through Holiday Photo Cards

Setting your guests up for what they may expect at your wedding isn't just for Save the dates and invitations anymore. You can now create that first impression with your photo holiday cards. Even though you have not "officially" become a couple in terms of marriage you are still perceived as "together". So why not send out your holiday cards as a couple. Or perhaps you just recently got married this year. Send out your first official holiday greeting card with a beautiful picture from your wedding!

First impression means everything. From the moment your guests open the envelope you want them to think "This is going to be a great wedding"! Lets face it, our society judges appearances first and they know if they like something within the first six seconds. Everything you do in the year that leads up to or after your wedding will be a reflection of your wedding day. Let your guests open their holiday card and be amazed by how everything matches and fits your overall look!

I have found some great holiday photo card designs on Shutterfly. They offer a variety of styles that would fit any wedding theme. Just look for the cards that mimic the design of your wedding. I have picked a few of my favorite cards to show some examples of different cards you can use to fit your wedding look!

The Damask Wedding:

Try this Holiday Card from Shutterfly....

Winter Wonderland Wedding:

Try This Holiday Card from Shutterfly.

My Holiday Card this year will be showing off my new addition, my daughter. This may be the card, its simple and clean and the main focus is the picture of my family...

Bright Blue Snowflake Christmas Card
Shop for elegant Christmas photo cards.
View the entire collection of cards.

Here are a few links to pick your Holiday Cards

Christmas photo cards:
Holiday cards:

You can also use Shutterfly to make your Thank you cards!

Thank you cards:

Which card are you going to pick?

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