Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wedding Guest Books

With all the wonderful ideas out there, you don't have to settle for a traditional guest book for your wedding day. Although traditional guest books are always nice (I used one myself) you can add a more creative touch to new ways of your guest's well wishes for you!

Here are four new trends for your wedding guest book.......

1. Wish Jar

Have your guests write their wishes for you as a couple on pretty card stock that is all ready pre-cut into index card size pieces. They can then drop these wishes into a decorative vase. If you use different color card stock, the vase then turns into a decor for your wedding. When the wedding comes to an end, have your MOH take the wishes out of the vase and wrap them in ribbon for you to take and read each wish on your honeymoon. You can always save the vase/jar and display it in your new home together, so you always have the loving sentiments from your family and friends with you!

2. Wine Bottle Messages

You can create this guest book by purchasing one extra large bottle of wine or several average size bottles. With silver or gold markers (sharpies work good) have your guest sign in and write well wishes to you both on the bottles. If you are doing one large bottle you can keep it and display in your new home together. If you are doing several average size bottles, designate each bottle as an anniversary and display a sign that tells your guests which bottle is for what anniversary. That way when your 1st, 5th, 10th, 20th and so on, anniversary comes around you can enjoy a class of wine and read what wishes your family and friends had for you on that anniversary! Be sure to choose wine that will get better with age!

3. Wish Tree

This one works similar to the wish jar. Create a beautiful decorative tree with branches and crystals. Have your guests write their wishes on pre-cut decorative card stock that already has a wire attached to it. Then each guest will hang their wish from the tree. You can also do this and create a different look with ribbon!

4. Picture Frame Guest Book

Use your awesome engagement photos to display one within a blank matted frame. You can use an easel to stand the picture frame up and use markers for your guests to write on it. Make sure you remove the glass from the frame when you have it displayed for your guests to write on it. After the wedding you can replace your engagement photo with a photo from your wedding day and you can hang it on the wall!

Photo credits: Wish Jar, wine bottle, wedding wish tree, Picture frame guest book

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