Saturday, January 3, 2009

Going Green

A friend of mine is very into the Eco-friendly living, In fact he is a vegan and only purchases clothes that are part of fair trade clothing. When he told me he was getting married it was no surprise to me that he and his fiance were going to have a green wedding. I know that not everyone will go as far as making sure everything is Eco-friendly but in case you were hoping to add a little green into your wedding here is a list of some ways you can do so...

~ Use recycled paper for your invitations.
Earthly Affair and InviteSite offer stylish invitations made out of recycled paper. You can also use cotton card stock. Cotton is a renewable resource. Formal-Invitations offers a variety of card stock either in recycled paper or tree free paper. Another option is to skip the paper and send your guests an evite. If you would rather send out a formal invite than think about emailing the directions or accommodations to your guests to cut back on the amount of paper used.

~Use soy or beeswax candles instead of regular wax votives. Beeswax is a renewable resource and soy wax burns clean. Cajun Candles offers supplies to make your own soy votives.

~When thinking about flowers and centerpieces, think about your local growers and choose flowers that are grown in your area. Also plants such as bamboo are in abundant supply, they grow super fast up to two feet a day. Plus they are supposed to be considered lucky!

~ When hiring a caterer, discuss options for organic food. Lots of times you can pick up all the ingredients you need from your local farmers market. This way you are getting organic goods as well as supporting your community!

~ Give a Favor that really screams Eco-friendly! Tons of couples these days are sending their guests home with miniature trees for them to plant. Talk about giving back, considering an average wedding has about 100 guests, if you send each guest home with one of those favors to plant, that's 100 new trees!
Green World Project offers evergreen tree seedlings and plants in a pot wedding favors.

If trees are your thing, think about donating to a cause of your choice. Perhaps there is a Charity that you relate too or has meaning to you and your fiance. You can give each of your guests a card that says you donated to "xyz" charity in their name. Of coarse it would be written on recycled paper!

Hope you can incorporate a little green in your wedding!

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